Whet Your Appetite

I don't usually read introductions [I'm just being honest] but thought I would give Briggs' a go to see where he was taking the book and wanted to share his straightforward intentions as a means to spur your interest

Briggs states,

I want you to examine your life and make changes that render you more local and relationally accessible.
I want you to grow spiritual roots in your current realities instead of living under a fantasy of wings
I want you to follow Jesus in the mundane, ordinary everyday moments of life and relationships
I want to challenge “the success of flight” and share how people are instead choosing the faithfulness of being fully present
— Staying is the New Going - Allan Briggs

What do you think? How do these goals sound to you? What fears and hesitations come to mind right away?  Consider taking some of those thoughts into a conversation with someone this weekend.