Resurrection of Place - Part 1


The church’s disconnection from our communities, both in our readiness as individuals to leave context for another and by our corporate withdrawal from direct engagement of our community, has stifled our influence and limited our capacity for relational evangelism
If we never see the real issues around us, we will never see real Kingdom opportunities
Longevity will reveal faithfulness
There is no incarnational strategies, only practitioners. We can talk about incarnational and longevity all we want, but if we are avoiding the pain, joy, questions, and doubt of those around us, we fall short of faithfulness

A few practical things as we move forward...

  1. The book is 171 pages and that means to finish the book by the end of March, you would need to read 5 pages a day.
  2. I am thinking of putting out a Google Hangout to provide opportunities for us to see and hear from each other.  These would likely be after dinner time so as to allow parents with kids to have some undistracted time interacting with others over the book.  Signing up for the MailChimp for newsletter will allow you the opportunity to get the invite
  3. The comment section is a great place to share questions, quotes and thoughts

This first section of the book is about learning to slow down so I can be more invested and involved in my neighborhood and so with that...

  1. What hinders me from taking this approach to my day and my community?
  2. What would taking steps to slow down look like?


This week, take a walk around your neighborhood with no agenda, being aware of the opportunities to listen to and see the people and your surroundings in new ways. 

  • Ask the name of the deli worker you see every night or that neighbor that you see all the time and say hi to
  • Say hi to every person you see on your block
  • Check out the events happening at gathering places around you over the next month and plan to go to one
  • Offer to pray for the server at the restaurant as you pray for your meal
  • Ask someone at the coffee shop about the book they are reading [particularly if it's one you want to read or have read]

These experiences are not only meant to help us see our community and engage more purposefully but also deepen existing relationships.  These experiences can be used to spur conversations with co-workers, classmates, roommates and neighbors or consider gathering with friends to discuss these things over a meal.