Resurrection of Place - Part 2


The draw away from place is largely rooted in consumption and illusion…We somehow believe in a kind of urban utopia, a hop, affordable, cluttered , safe neighborly place ago live, requiring no sacrifice of us. Johnathan Wilson-Hargrove says, ‘Intimacy without commitment is what society has traditionally called infidelity
Incarnation mission involves becoming advocates friends, listeners, caretakers and shepherds of our communities
Christ-followers should be a gift to their neighborhood, and a church should be a gift to its city…and maintaining an escape plan makes that impossible

Well now, Briggs isn't pulling any punches is he?

Briggs had wisely taken the time in the early part of the chapter to focus was on the beauty and wonder of the places that God has put us, learning to enjoy and see with fresh eyes the community and the neighborhood we live in.
But, as we move forward into the mission of serving and blessing the places we live, we need to recognize the reality of sacrifice attached to this invitation.  
Largely. nothing of lasting beauty and good will come without hard work, but it is in accepting this, that we can start to see the glimmers of change that take place in us and in our communities.  Beyond that, we can also start to see a gradual heart change moving us to take a vested interest in our community and warming us to the idea of setting roots down.

And so as we think, discuss and hopefully move towards action in all this,


Which of these areas if we are honest slow or even stop us from this sort of sacrificial action?

  • Being uncomfortable
  • Safety
  • Fear

What lies and false assumptions do we need to face in combating these feelings, that stop us from accepting the invitation from God to mission in, with and for our community?

From Briggs [the book has some great discussion questions at the end of each chapter]
How might a commitment to place lead to more opportunities for gospel witness*?
What simple acts of care could you regularly undertake to bring wholeness back to your community?

Remember, this is an opportunity to enter into conversation with others, to be encouraged, inspired and accountable to the ways God is inviting us into this mission of staying.  Plan a coffee, lunch, dinner, or even just a phone call to talk about how God is speaking to you as you read

*Gospel witness entails displaying the goodness, kindness, patience, mercy and generosity of God which invites us to then describe the love of God that compels us found in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus -  Trinity Grace Church has wonderfully summarized the gospel like this