A Rooted Gospel


Places mattered to Jesus, and they should matter to us

When rightly applied, the gospel propels us in an outward direction

Do what you can with what you’ve been given where you’ve been given it

The gospel becomes so much more tangible and compelling when the local church is actually part of the community, connected to the struggles of the people and even the land itself.
— Chapter 4 - A Rooted Gospel

One of the sad realities in the day and age we live in is that talk is cheap.  It wasn't meant to be this way because, indeed words are powerful tools, but in an age of information, much is said and little is done.

On top of this, Christianity has been so maligned these last 30-40 years by political movements, poor examples and false teaching that many have tuned out the good news of the beautiful, true story of redemption found in Jesus.

But, the gospel when increasingly understood and taken to heart in the lives of people ought to move men, women and children to beautiful actions that lead to inquiry.

When we know that performance, prestige, pedigree and personality types are not what impress God, but that instead we are accepted, loved, empowered and welcomed by admitting we are limited and broken.  This great news, then liberates us to serve others because we know we are dearly loved, not by what do, but through trusting what Jesus offers. 

And when we take this to heart, let it really sink in, it moves us and...

  • Invites us to take risks because we aren't defined by failure
  • Invites us to love others lavishly and generously because we are fully loved by the One who knows us the best
  • Invites us to give ourselves and our stuff away because the One who owns all things is our Father and Friend
  • Invites us to build into and care for the lives of those in my community because the God of the Universe cares for me

It is these beautiful actions then, that open the door to conversation with those around us about the WHY.  Why live this way? Why do these things? It is as this good news takes root in our hearts, that we then learn to take it to others through deeds and then in words.

And so in view of this good news...


What fears prevent you from moving out in loving action towards others?

What are some ordinary ways you can start the practice of loving those around you?

If you weren't afraid to fail, what would be something you would do to make your block, your workplace, your neighborhood, your city, your world a better place?


I love Paul Tripp and this sermon gets to the heart of a lot of what often stops us from moving outside of ourselves