Leaning into Love - Chapter 4


His [God’s] proximity has purpose

Christ calls us to follow Him, not to talk about following Him or other people who follow Him

Parenting is all about choosing courage instead of fear

Beautiful things come from ashes and the most ironic places

Life-on-life investment to the point of personal inconvenience and sacrifice s the model of Jesus and His disciples

Spirituality is a ling between mission, theology and ministry. It is not so much a knowing but a being - a true embodiment of God’s mission

The point is that when you do love a thing, its gladness is a reason for loving, it and its sadness a reason for loving it more
— Chapter 4 quotes from The Power of Proximity

And let this one sink in, such a great analogy in helping us understand the messiness of entering in to justice ministry...

A friend and colleague who is a bi-vocational pastor and real estate agent was talking to men about the cost of discipleship and God’s call in our lives to go deeper. She told me it felt like swimming on a good hair day. Sometimes you simply look good, and the last thing you want to do is get in a pool and go all the way in. Your friends, spouse, or kids call to you, so you say. ‘Okay, Ill get in, but don’t splash me and don’t get me wet. I like my hair today and it’s not getting wet’ As the sun gets hooter and your desire to go under the water is checked against your desire to keep your hair dry and looking good, you’re left with a question: Will I go in all the way? Will I let my hair get wet? Will I ruin the version of me that I like right now for a deeper engagement?

Questions for Reflection

  • What has been the moment or season of greatest struggle and growth in your life? What did that time teach you about yourself and about God? How did that situation deepen your understanding of yourself and of God?

It is often through struggles and trials that we learn most about ourselves and God.  It is through these situations then, that we are better equipped to extend the love and lessons that we have learned more deeply and fully that we can extend to others

  • Has there been a moment in ministering to someone when you have felt way beyond your depth? What did that situation teach you about yourself and God?

Opportunities for Application

These are opportunities to engage with your community in new and deeper ways and see hear from and even meet residents not like you

  • Find your Community Board - These are lively meetings where you can hear from the historic residents, elected officials, small business and police officers in your community about the needs, desires and struggles there
  • Find your Precinct - In a similar way, this meeting helps you meet the invested community members and meet the officers patrolling your neighborhood

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