Our Brokenness and Justice - Power of Proximity Chapter 3


I was an urban Santa with toys nobody knew what to do with - least of all myself

We have to stay with the poor long enough to walk alongside the road with them. As we remain proximate we get a front-row seat into our own brokenness

Embracing our own fragility enables us to run to the One whose grace is made perfect in our weakness

A commitment to social justice ministry and restorative action will reveal that we are not the ones who can fix problems. We are simply the ones who share the journey, offering what we have and allowing God to transform us in the process

Ministry is very confronting service. It does not allow people to live with illusions immorality and wholeness. It keeps reminding others that they are mortal and broken, but also that with the recognition of this conditions, liberation starts

Our inability to affect it within a specific time frames is out of sync with our results-drive culture

We cannot fix a problem we don’t understand

Overcoming our own haste and others’ skepticism is the place where advocates and organizers like me live

Systemic injustice is layered in such deep ways that changing it requires careful, sustained observation and a calculated response for the long haul

She talked about how expensive the gas was, how long it took to get there in a car that barely worked. She talked of having hungry kinds in tow since no outside food was allowed in the prison and the high price of the vending machines that were their only option on visiting days. She talked about trying to say in touch by phone between visits but how the prices to place a call were exorbitant and the minute-by-minute cost unattainable by poor families whose relatives were disproportionately behind bars

The term justice is too casually thrown about without the corresponding sacrifice. We want the popularity associated with being justice activists, but we don’t want to lament alongside those who suffer

Action that is defined by Christ’s love
— The Power of Proximity - Chapter 3

Questions for Reflection

  1. How might your brokenness actually be a window or a means into mercy and justice ministry and opportunities?
  2. How does the idea of ministering of a place of weakness re-orient or change the way you think about what God is inviting you to do?

Opportunities for Action


This Wednesday at 6:30pm

Every day, people deemed mentally ill are jailed against their will, denied due process in the justice system, and priced out of access to quality treatment. New York City is taking steps towards changing the culture and treatment around mental health, yet we still see persistent discrimination and stigma, especially in Brooklyn’s communities of color.

 It's a great panel, its free and it's at BRIC. 

For Further Study

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