"Zac is a man who loves Jesus and loves Brooklyn. He is constantly looking for ways to connect with other agencies for the sake of the lost, easily the most networked guy I know. He also never let's an opportunity pass to connect with other ministries for the sake of the kingdom. I've known Zac for years and can say he is totally committed to the gospel and seeing people come to, and grow in Christ. I count it both a privilege and an honor to be co-laborers and friends with this Godly man.”
Edwin Colon, Lead Pastor, Recovery House of Worship, Brooklyn

I don't know another leader in Brooklyn more committed to seeing the Church mobilized to serve the poor and marginalized with the message and mercy of Jesus than Zac Martin. His immense relational connections with pastors, congregants, city officials, and justice ministries across our borough uniquely equip him to be a bridge builder and catalyst for serving Brooklyn. He is a gifted leader with gospel-centered humility. I cannot recommend Zac enough as someone who would help pastors like me better empower our people to love our neighbors and neighborhoods as ourselves.
Derek Devine, Lead Pastor, Apostles Brooklyn

“I have met few people who care about the restoration of their city like Zac does for his. Since moving to Brooklyn our family has relied on Zac to know how best to serve, where the greatest needs are, and to help refine our theology of service. He has a wonderful way of connecting people’s passions with the real needs of the neighborhood. I am grateful for the work Zac does and pray he never stops.”
Jason Locy, Founder and President, FiveStone, author of Veneer and Home Behind the Sun

Zac Martin is a deeply valued member of our team at Trinity Grace Park Slope. He and his family have been embodying the ministry of Jesus in our neighborhood for many years now and serve as an inspiration and example to many in our church. Zac has shown the unique ability to bring together an expansive vision for justice, mercy, and church unity in Brooklyn along with the practical how-to and hard work of building and sustaining actual neighborhood and church partnerships. Zac also carries in his heart a robust theology of grace and Gospel renewal which becomes clear as you work and speak with him. I have been deeply encouraged by Zac’s steadfast love for Christ and for Brooklyn and look forward to see how God continues to use him to see the Kingdom of God come in Brooklyn as it is in Heaven.
Caleb Clardy, Lead Pastor, Trinity Grace Church Park Slope

Over the past year, I have counted Zac Martin as friend, mentor, and ally in the fight of racial reconciliation and community enrichment in Brooklyn particularly, and New York City as a whole. I have observed his countless hours organizing community gatherings, networking the city’s social leaders, and strategizing best practices for true social change. Zac has consistently put thought to motion, unafraid to fail, inspired to succeed by a genuine love for his community, both people and place. While many men lead change in exchange for glory, Zac deals primarily in the currency of humility and servant leadership. I have witnessed him organize events to highlight other community leaders and their work, advocate for empowerment opportunities for potential social activists, and in my own life he has, time and again, done everything in his power to foster my ability to care for my city well.  If we are judged by the fruit we produce, then the bounty Zac has sowed into his fellow neighbors will affirm him worthy of leading the charge to help make Brooklyn a cornucopia of diversity, social harmony, and opportunity. The work Zac is cultivating, from Red Hook to Brownsville, will establish safe families for those in our foster system, open meaningful dialogue about race and injustice, and provide a framework of collaborating organizations bringing about lasting, positive change. I count it all honor to know Zac Martin and serve alongside him in making Brooklyn a beacon for hope and change we all believe is possible. He is a man of integrity vision, and leadership; worthy of full support and uplifting. My belief is simple, if any society, in any nation, could equip men and women like Zac Martin to be agents of renewal and enrichment for their way of life, we all, in short time, would find ourselves on the road to peace, harmony, and the full pursuit of happiness.
Patrick Boatwright, Pastor of Youth and Family at Trinity Grace Church Park Slope, Brooklyn resident and social activist