The Week That Was - 01.13.19

This description of shalom is also so helpful in recognizing that not everyone will be on the same page about the goal and mission of the work. Relationship building, listen and learning play vital roles in helping individuals and organizations understand and then move towards this mission of shalom and making things right.

A Busy Spring and Your Support

As I enter a busy spring, I’m inviting new donors to consider supporting the work I do here in Brooklyn of helping communities work better together to address criminal, economic and racial injustice

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Building a More Just Society

As we think about the many injustices going on in our world, our communities and even our school, we come at the issues from very different angles and are affected by them in very different ways. With this in view, we need to learn how we can move closer together and be more on the same page as we address these injustices around us.  From my work and study over the last few years, these are some of things I think that can help us be better together

Palm Sunday - The Unexpected Offer

He offers peace, because He offers Himself and through Him we have access to and relationship with not just a king, but the Creator of the Universe, we are children not just of the one who rules the nation, but the One who made the rocks. We are known, accepted, forgiven, welcomed, loved not because of what we do or don’t do, because of what we do or don’t have, because of how strong or talented or successful we are, we are loved because He made us and we trust in Jesus, what He did, what He gave.

Learning to See and Join God in your Community

When my family first moved to Park Slope as a family of three, we moved to help lead a church in transition. Very aware of the blessing and beauty that this neighborhood had to offer, I was sadly ignorant of the history, strife, and divisions that lay just under the surface. I had also mistakenly thought that our church and my leadership was going to bring Jesus to this community, not realizing that He was already very much alive and well and working in ways and in places I wasn’t ready or able to see.

Giving Up Our Blind Eye for Lent

I think about all the white Christians on the bus with Rosa Parks, watching her having to stand up and speak up for herself and others again and again and how tiring that must have been.  I think about all the times and the years that I was ignorant and blind to the plight of the minorities and particularly the Native Americans around me. 

The March to Maturity

Hear me, you don’t need to be strong all the time. You don't have to be OK all the time.  It's OK to not be OK. You don’t need to be right all the time. You won’t have to have all the answers.  If you pretend to be OK, all that and all together all the time, you make it hard for people to help you.  Let people help you, let people love you.  You see, the smartest people ask the most questions and ask for help.  It's not stupid to ask for help, it's not weak to be vulnerable, it's called growing up.

What I'm Reading

Many have asked recently what books have helped shape the way I think and drive what I do.  With that in mind then, I am starting this series of posts to share my current reading list and share what I'm learning as I go.  As you follow along [please do], I would love to hear your thoughts, and even bring your own suggestions.