My work here in Brooklyn with Trellis and in partnership with Trinity Grace Park Slope is made possible through the financial giving of...


Friends, family and those who believe in what I'm doing here can give one-time and monthly contributions

You can set up giving through our church HERE

When you set up giving through the church

  1. Search for Trinity Grace Church
  2. Once you are set up then, under Giving Type, scroll to the bottom and choose - Fundraising - Zac Martin

You can set up giving through Trellis HERE

Setting up an account takes time but it allows you to

  • Give online or through text
  • Set up automatic, repeated giving

You can give any one-time or monthly amount and know that every dollar counts


Trellis builds partnerships with schools, churches, government and social agencies and other non-profits to help neighborhoods work better together.  Trellis provides training, resources and consultation to help these organizations think strategically about collaboration

If you know of an organization interested in this conversation and opportunity, let me know


As a non-profit, Trellis applies for grants to fund specific initiatives and projects like our job mentoring program for teens in public housing, education-based forums and our Community Heroes project


With all of this, I am glad to meet and talk about how this works and hear your thoughts and ideas, so don't hesitate to contact me