A New Journey Begins

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride for us as a family.  From walking through the closing of City Church after 5+ years of leading the church and almost 10 years of its existence, to landing a new job within a month of stepping away from pastoral ministry, to the many ups and downs of family, personal and ministry life in between.

It has been a difficult and exciting time, as we have waited and watched God lead us, teach us, humble us and provide for us.  But, in the midst of all of this, there are three things that have stayed the same.

  1. We feel called to Brooklyn - Over these last 5 years, our love for this city and the dear people of THE borough has only grown
  2. I, [Zac] feel an increased burden and desire for pastoral ministry - Though this season will largely entail stepping away to be refreshed personally and as a family, God has graciously confirmed and strengthened this desire
  3. God is faithful - Even over these last few months, we have seen God provide in tangible, exceptional and kind ways to remind us of His care and love for His children.

With all that then, we have many friends and family that are supporting us and praying for us through this new season and with that, this website will be a place to hear about and pray for us in...

What we are learning - Learning in fresh new, exciting ways what it means to follow Jesus as a family in our home away from our true home.  This will be a place for us to share moments, books and conversations that are molding, refining and inspiring us

How God is leading - With a heart for vocational ministry and for Brooklyn, we are praying and trusting that God will guide our steps in the months ahead as to how that will look including the partnerships and opportunities that will develop

What we are doing - This site will be a simple way for friends and family near and far to see how and what we are doing

We are nervous and excited and confident that God will continue to show us the way and through this website we are inviting you along for the ride.