Thank You and Update - June 2017

I want each of you to know just how grateful I am for your ongoing and generous support and for your regular and meaningful encouragement and prayers.

As the summer approaches I wanted to let you know what is going on with Trellis and how your support is helping Trellis help others

Job for Teens in Public Housing

In partnership with local schools, business and elected officials, Trellis is organizing 20 summer job slots for teenagers in public housing.  Each of the students that get a job will also go through a mentoring program where they will learn about how to thrive in the workplace long-term and also be sharing their perspectives of being in the workforce as minorities. 

12 kids have already signed up and we are working on resumes, reference letters and getting them ready for interviews!

Community Heroes

This project which highlights people blessing and loving often overlooked neighborhoods is in year two. 

This summer will be busy as we plan for producing one series of banners for Gowanus Houses heroes August 12th and hopefully launch the project in Fort Greene and Red Hook.  

The Red Hook project is in partnership with the neighborhood art project grant that we are finalists in!

Jasmin Chang, working with me at Trellis and Community Heroes has been a HUGE support and blessing in this project!


One of the ways that Trellis seeks to build partnerships is through forum based education and advocacy. With that, the summer means planning for the fall and two forums in September

One on the Art of Justice, inviting artists from the community to teach organizations about the power of story telling through a variety of mediums to inspire change and address important issues.  BRIC Media will be hosting this event as part of their Stoop Series.

Two, a forum on serving and supporting the marginalized.  Trellis is gathers incredible organizations from around the city empowering and advocating for immigrant populations, the homeless, struggling single parents among others and then allow others the opportunity to support their important work.  Conversation is happening and will hopefully be confirmed soon that Brooklyn Borough Hall will be hosting this event


Trellis also continues to have opportunity to train, encourage and equip organizations to think strategically about collaboration and community investment.

Trellis has been consulting with

  • A community center in Queens
  • A church in Queens
  • Partnering with Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for Justice to help bring the faith community into a conversation about gentrification and rezoning in that neighborhood and provide support to the coalition
  • Helping Young Life Brooklyn in caring for their staff and helping them make neighborhood connections and providing support
  • Working with Camerados, to see what bringing their beautiful Living Rooms project to Brooklyn could look like

In the midst of all this, I have been learning to step back and ask, what is the most effective use of my time, talents and how do these and a many other opportunities fit into the mission of Trellis.


I also continue to invite friends and family to consider giving and are still looking for some new supporters willing to contribute

  • 2 at $200/month
  • 4 at $100/month
  • 4 at $50/month
  • 10 at $20/month

If you know people interested or that want to know more, please do pass along the information or feel free to connect me with them

People can setup giving through Trinity Grace or Trellis and if you have any questions, do let me know

This is the screenshot of what the giving site looks like through Trinity Grace Church

This is the screenshot of what the giving site looks like through Trinity Grace Church

I am always glad to meet up and talk more for coffee, lunch, beer, dinner and talk more about all of this stuff too so let me know. 

I want you to know, seriously that I am incredibly grateful for your encouragement, excitement for and support of me in all of this.  I couldn’t not be where I am without you!